How to set up your YAY-List integration

YAY-List turbo-charges your word-of-mouth marketing, through branded electronic and printable invitations

With this integration, Party Pro Manager enables you to:

  • Include a new placeholder in your Standard Texts and Emails that will create a link to invite your clients to use your branded party invitations >>  Here's the placeholder to use:  []
  • This link will pre-fill key fields making it even easier for your client to quickly and accurately register and create their invitations for their party

To set up your YAY-List integration...

  • Log into your YAY-List account
  • Navigate to the 'Add Party Hosts' page
  • At the bottom of this page, copy your "ID for integration with Party Pro Manager"

  • Now, log into your PPM account
  • Click your company name at the top right corner
  • Go to Settings > Integration
  • Scroll to the bottom and add your "YAY-List Account ID"

  • Click SAVE & CLOSE

Now you can add the  []  placeholder/link generator to any email you send through PPM and this will create a special link for that client to create their party invitations with pre-filled data!