Covered in this article:

  1. What is an Asset?
  2. What are the benefits?
  3. How to create an Asset
  4. How to use an Asset

What is an Asset in Party Pro Manager?

Think of an asset like a reusable item/option you may offer your clients in various packages.

As one of the most intuitive potential uses of Assets... imagine you offer a range of different bounce houses, that you bring to your events for certain packages you offer. You would first set each of these bounce houses up as Assets in PPM, with a name, image and description.

Once these are entered, when you are setting up a Package Option, say 'Choose your Bounce House', you would then add Choices, simply by selecting the relevant Asset to link to each time. In this way, the name, description and image is automatically 'shared', or 'reused' each time you make it a Choice for a Package Option.

Whilst this example relates to *physical* assets, assets can be used for more conceptual things too. For example, a choice of character, a choice of theme, or indeed, even potential responses to the 'How did you hear about us' question.

Plus, you can easily run reports and filter your Events List down based on Asset usage.

What are the benefits to setting up and using Assets for your choices are?

  • They are reusable 
    (So you don’t need to retype the name each time you offer this choice in one of your packages)
  • You can include a picture and a description
    (Shared wherever you offer this choice across your packages)
  • You can run reports to identify events with specific assets selected (or not)

How to create an Asset

  1. Go to "Catalogue"
  2. Click "Assets" in sidebar menu
  3. Click the orange "+ ASSET" button
  4. In the popup window add the following details
    1. Name = The name/title of this asset (e.g. "Lootbags")
    2. Category = Choose the appropriate category
    3. Add an image (optional)
    4. Add a description (optional)
  5. Click "SAVE & CLOSE"

How to use an Asset

  • When adding "Choices" to a "Package Option" in your Catalogue, choose the "Asset" from the dropdown list
    • To access go to "Catalogue"
    • Click to edit the Package this will be added to
    • Click "Package Options" in sidebar menu of the popup
    • Create / Modify Package Option
    • Click "Choices" in sidebar menu of new popup
    • Click "+ CHOICE" button to add a new Choice
  • (Optional) add a Name to override the Asset name/title
  • (Optional) add pricing associated with selecting this Choice/Asset

Please note: Assets are also only available in the Premium and Unicorn plans, as are Package Options & Choices.