To help you better track the status of your events, we're giving the Event Statuses in PPM a refresh.

The 'migration' of accounts, from legacy to new statuses (and related changes), will be a managed process over a period of several weeks, on an account-by-account basis, commencing March 2024.

Here's what you need to know... 

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Why we're making this change?

There are a few reasons for this system update, but the main reasons are:

  • More natural/meaningful flow of status that better represent the event booking/planning process of our users
  • More streamlined progression of statuses to allow for much more powerful and robust automation
  • More intuitive status names and colors
  • Better support to be able to track which clients have been sent their Client Confirmation Form, but have not yet "approved" the details of their event
  • Better support for events where no deposit is required (i.e. you can now easily differentiate between events that are approved vs not approved, even if no deposit is required)

We understand that any change can trigger a new learning curve and minor disruption, particularly one that impacts far reaching elements of the system.

We'd like to assure you that these changes have been thoroughly tested, and were based on input from many users, and have 100% confidence that the long-term benefits will be well worth the temporary disruption and re-adjustment required.

If you have any confusion or questions about the new event statuses, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with the in-app chat support and we'll be happy to help guide you.

What is changing?

Event Status Changes

Before this change the event statuses that were available were:

  • Unprocessed
  • Processing
  • Awaiting deposit
  • Booking secured
  • Balance settled
  • Dropped / Cancelled

After this change the event status options are as follows:

  • Unprocessed
  • Processing
  • Pending (awaiting approval)
  • Pending+ (awaiting upfront pay)
  • Confirmed (no upfront pay due)
  • Confirmed+ (partially-paid)
  • Balance Settled
  • Dropped / Cancelled

Plus, a new, more intuitive color-scheme for your event statuses is being introduced (more on this below)

Other Terminology Changes

  • "Finalisation Form/Link" becomes --> "Client Confirmation Form"
  • "Finalised" becomes --> "Client Approved"

New Features/Functionality

  • New setting that allows you to "waive/skip" the confirmation process, so that your Client Confirmation Form goes directly to the appropriate payment screen.
  • Ability to switch between new and classic color-schemes for event statuses
  • New 'payment schedule' selection, to be able to identify between different payment schedules for a given event (e.g. 'Full amount due upfront' vs 'Deposit upfront, Balance settled before event', 'No payment required', and more)
  • New 'confirmation deadline' field, to allow you to set Client Confirmation Forms to expire on a specified date
  • Event statuses are now validated and enforced based on payment schedule and other key event info, helping to ensure your events are all appropriately categorized, making room for much more powerful automations in the future
  • Event statuses are also auto-updated as you make changes to an event, based on payment schedule and other key event info
  • Staff Gig Statuses displayed to match selected color scheme

When this change will happen for you

Here's a look at the timeline:

  • As of March 19, 2024: Self-serve migration option will start to be made available to some users (rolled out in phases)
  • As of April 15, 2024: Any remaining accounts to be automatically migrated
  • As of April 30, 2024: Options to filter by legacy status removed

How to start migrating your account to the new statuses

Important: Once you begin the migration process, there is no going back!  The change is permanent and cannot be undone.  But, as per the timeline above, if you don't do it manually before the date stated above, the change will be done for you automatically.  So, if you want to be in control of the timing so that you can be sure to review the changes to your account at time that suits you, we recommend manually migrating your account, as per the instructions below.

Steps to complete migration:

  1. Log into your PPM account
    (Depending on the timing of your migration, you may need to use a special link to log in.  If applicable, this link will have been sent to you in a separate email, when we're ready for you to migrate)
  2. Go to 'Settings' > 'Migration'
    (Note: If you don't see this tab in Settings yet, and you'd like to initiate the migration, please reach out to request access)
  3. Review the details shared on-screen about the migration process
  4. When you are ready, click "I'm ready" button 
    (We recommend you do this at a time where you'll have at least 15-30 minutes available to review and familiarize yourself with the changes)
  5. Choose your preferred "Colour scheme" (this can be changed later).  There are two choices:
    1. 'Default' (this uses a new color scheme, which goes from 'red' to 'green', as per the "new" column in the table below)
    2. 'Classic' (this uses a similar color scheme to what PPM has always had, which goes from 'turquoise' to 'purple', as per the "legacy" column in the table below)
  6. Choose your "Default Payment Schedule" (this can be changed later).  There are 9 choices:
      1. Deposit upfront + Final Balance due before event
      2. Deposit upfront + Final Balance due at event
      3. Deposit upfront + Final Balance due after event
      1. Full amount required upfront
      2. Full amount due before event
      3. Full amount settled at event
      4. Full amount due after event
      1. Free event (No pricing quoted)
      2. Free event (100% discount on quoted)
  7. Once you are ready, click the "Migrate now (and reload)" button.  The migration will be begin and may take a few moments to complete.
  8. Once it is completed, your PPM account will automatically reload
  9. Complete the 'Recommended Post-Migration Steps

What happens during migration?

During the migration process, your current events will be mapped to the new event statuses/colors like so:

Legacy Status / ColorNew Status / Color


All casesUnprocessed


Not finalized, but finalization emailed via PPMPending (awaiting approval)
All other casesProcessing

Awaiting Deposit

If deposit amount entered and finalization date is setPending+ (awaiting upfront pay)
All other casesPending (awaiting approval)

Booking Secured

Has deposit amount enteredConfirmed+ (partially-paid)
All other casesConfirmed (no upfront pay due)

Balance Settled

All casesBalance Settled


All casesDropped/Cancelled

See this help doc to better understand your new event statuses.

NOTE 1: There is an option found at 'Settings' > 'Fine-Tuning / Terminology', where you can set your "Event colour scheme".  If you prefer to have a color scheme more similar to the Legacy Colors, please choose the "Classic" color scheme.

NOTE 2: If you are using the Google Calendar 'outbound' integration, the colors on your Google calendar events will start having the new colors (or closest color available) applied as well.

NOTE 3: It is possible that in some cases the status an event is migrated to, may have some status-related validation issues.  This means that the status the event has been mapped to has some payment schedule and/or other key event info that conflicts with the assigned status.  In this case, you will see an icon, as pictured below, on the Event List, Calendar, and within the Event Editor for this event.


👉 Click here to see the Status-Related Issue Troubleshooting Guide

There is also a new "Payment Schedule" option that will be automatically set for each event during the migration process.  During this process you will get to choose a default Payment Schedule, however the migration process will also look at current payment details in each event and assign the Payment Schedule for that individual event accordingly. 

The following Payment Schedules are available:

    • Deposit upfront + Final Balance due before event
    • Deposit upfront + Final Balance due at event
    • Deposit upfront + Final Balance due after event
    • Full amount required upfront
    • Full amount due before event
    • Full amount settled at event
    • Full amount due after event
    • Free event (No pricing quoted)
    • Free event (100% discount on quoted)