Important: As of March 26, 2024 a process has begun to migrate all existing users to an all new set of Event Statuses.  Currently, the migration process can be triggered manually in 'Settings' > 'Migration'.  Any users who hasn't already manually migrated by April 15, 2024, will be automatically migrated at this time.  Click here to learn more about this migration from 'legacy' to 'new' event status (and related changes).


About the Party Pro Manager Event status and default color scheme:

NOTE FOR EXISTING USERS:  If you have grown used to the Classic Event Status color scheme, you can switch back to these familiar colors by going to 'Settings' > 'Fine-Tuning / Terminology'.  Look for the "Event colour scheme" option to make the change.

Event Status Flow - Based on Payment Schedule:

Generally, your Event Status will automatically update to the appropriate status based on actions taken by either you or your clients.  

Depending on the Payment Schedule you have set for the event (e.g. "Full payment upfront" vs "Deposit upfront, Final Balance at event" vs etc etc), the Event Status will flow through the available statuses in somewhat different ways.

Below, you can see a visual breakdown for all the different possible scenarios.