After you've completed your account migration to migrate from 'legacy' to 'new' event statuses, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure you settle in nicely and have no unexpected issues.


  • Review this article to help you understand your new Event Statuses and how they work
  • Browse your calendar and hover over events, to be sure everything appears in order
  • Review your Events screen spot check some events to be sure everything looks good
  • Review your Gig Report screen and spot check some gigs to be sure everything looks good


  • Review your Autopilot rules, to be sure they are being triggered for the right Event Statuses
  • Review all future events, mainly looking at the current status and payment schedule that has been set
  • Filter your Event List to view 'future' events with 'Status-related validation issues', and resolve any issues you encounter
    • Note: More information about the cause of the Status-related validation issue can be found in the Event Editor on the Details tab in the “Event Details” section
  • OPTIONAL: Filter to view past Status-related validation issues (and resolve)