You can add custom display titles on your Party Pro Manager calendar, as well as custom extra info for an event in the information popup that displays when you hover over an event in your calendar.

Follow these steps to set this up:

Step 1:  Enable this feature in your Settings

- Go to 'Settings > Fine-Tuning / Terminology'
- Scroll to the 'Calendar' section and make sure that the checkbox is checked for "Enable custom 'short display name' and 'extra display info' feature?"

Step 2: Add custom details in any event

- Open the Event Editor for the event you'd like to add a custom title or extra display info for

- Scroll to the 'Event Details' section and click to edit this section

- Add the 'Short display name' and/or 'Extra display info' in the "Display Info" area, as required


- This custom display info is for internal purposes only, it is not shared with your clients
- This custom display info is only available within Party Pro Manager and is not sent to your Google Calendar if you have the outbound Google Calendar integration enabled
- This feature is only available on select Party Pro Manager plans (🦄 Unicorn Plan)