When you activate the SMS Power-Up (optional upgrade) for your account, a limited set of SMS credits are applied to your account.  In this article we share more information about the SMS credit system and how it works.

How many credits do you get?

When you activate the SMS Power-Up your account will be loaded with a certain number of credits by default.  The number of credits that are unlocked may vary based on which PPM Plan you are on.

What is an SMS Credit?

An SMS Credit is required each time you send a text message through PPM. One credit allows you to send a message of up to 250 characters. For messages that exceed this limit, an additional credit will be used for each extra (up to) 250 characters.

How do I know how many credits I'm using?

As you type your SMS message (or SMS Standard Text templates), the system will provide a running estimate for how many credits will be used, per recipient, of that message.

Important note: When using placeholders to dynamically personalize your messages, actual character count and credits used may vary upon sending based on actual text inserted

What happens if you run out of credits?

If you exceed your monthly SMS Credits, extra 25-credit bundles will be added automatically, as needed, for a fee of $2.50 per additional bundle and billed at the beginning of the following month.