To Access: Go to "Settings" > "Form Fields"

Here you can customize what fields appear on your Enquiry/Booking Forms, that your clients fill out.

For each field, there are 4 different options you can select:

  • M = Mandatory (Required) 
  • O = Optional 
  • X = Not displayed on form 
  • R/O = Read-only

To change this value for any field, simply click the dropdown and select the option you’d like for that particular field.

Here’s a screenshot of what this screen looks like:

NOTE #1:  Some fields cannot be changed at all, and others may have limited options available.  This is because certain information is critical at different stages of the booking process in order for PPM to effectively offer key automation options for you and your business.

NOTE #2:  You’ll see that there are three different forms you can customize the fields for, they are:

  1. Enquiry Form
    This form is used for potential clients that just want to send you an enquiry about your services and products at that stage.

  2. Booking Request Form
    This form is used for clients ready to book with you.

  3. Booking Finalisation Form
    This form is used as a confirmation when a client is booking with you.

After you’ve made all the changes you’d like to make, remember to click “Save”!