Settings & Customizations

This collection of help docs is here to show you how to customize your account to your needs and preferences.

Access Account Settings

To access your account Settings: Click your company name at the top right hand corner to display the Profile / Settings Dropdown Menu In this dropdown you can... Access "Settings" area Access "Help" and support area "Change Password" "Log Out" Cli...

Add/Update Your Business Details

In the "Business Details" settings area, you can add and update your business information, address, contact details, etc

Personalise your account with your logo and branding

In the "Personalisation" area you can add your logo, your colours, and your public point of contact

Pricing and Payments Settings

These settings are used on your Enquiry Forms, Booking Forms, Finalisation Form and Invoices.

Add / Update Account Contact Info

To Access: Go to " Settings " > "Account Contact" Details entered in this area are used solely for communication between us and you.  None of these details will be published or otherwise shared with any third party. If you are looking to add or up...

Activate or change your subscription / plan

Follow these steps to start or change your Party Pro Manager subscription / plan

Integrate PPM with other great tools

There are many ways to extend the power of Party Pro Manager, using integrations with other great tools

Customize your 'Occasion' list

Want to update the Occasion list that shows on your Booking Request Forms, Finalization (or Finalisatio) Forms, and in your PPM Admin? Step 1:  Go to 'Settings' > 'Occasions' To find the 'Settings' area, click on your company name in the top right...

Default Event Status

Choose the Default Event Status you want for events added manually by you via the admin area. Go to Settings > Fine-Tuning / Terminology In the top “Miscellaneous” section, you’ll see an option to update the “Default event status” Select your pref...

Customize "Deposit" (and other key) terminology

In Party Pro Manager it is possible for you to customize the terminology used to describe your “deposit” and other key terms used throughout your client-facing forms, emails, etc.   For example, Perhaps the term “non-refundable deposit” or “bookin...

Customize instant email and on-screen notifications after enquiry/inquiry submission

How-to customize the instant email and on-screen notifications after client submits an enquiry/inquiry

Invoice - Default Notes

If you want to include a default note that can be added to all of your invoices, this is for you!  (And, don't stress, you can override this note on any individual invoice if you'd like 👍) Head over to: Settings > Pricing & Payments, and look for ...

Control What Your Staff See

You can control what sensitive information your staff see on their Gig Details page (and emails). To customize these settings: Step 1: Go to " Settings " Step 2: Click "Staff Scheduling" in the Settings sidebar menu Step 3: Scroll down to the "...

Automate Sending A Staff Gig Invitation Email

Let Party Pro Manager automatically email your staff to notify them of their new gigs added to their schedules! TO SET IT UP Step 1:  Click on your company name in the top right corner and click on the "Settings" button Step 2: Click on the "Staf...

Setting Your Default Gig Status for Staff

Choose what your default Staff Status is when adding your staff to your events. Do you prefer “Awaiting Confirmation”, maybe you like “Penciled in”, or maybe you’re ready to go ahead and consider them “Confirmed” by default. Well, now the choice i...

Display Asset Selections instead of Client Name on Calendar

In this article, we'll show you how to change your Calendar so that the title displayed is based on the Asset Selections (e.g. characters or activities) instead of the client name. Like so: Step 1:  Go to 'Settings > Fine-Tuning / Terminology' St...

Customize response options for staff when responding to a gig invitation

You can choose if your staff will be presented with the "Maybe" option when responding to Gig Invitations. To turn this option on/off... Go to "Settings" > "Staff Scheduling" Scroll down to the "Staff Portal" section To HIDE the 'Maybe' option: DE...

Add custom display titles and extra info on PPM Calendar

Follow these steps to add custom display titles and extra info on your calendar view

Integration: Google Calendar

Both inbound and outgoing calendar integrations available

Staff Scheduling Settings

In the "Staff Scheduling" settings area, you can control what your staff can see, configure your Staff Portal settings, etc.

Customize terminology and other features

In the "Fine-Tuning / Terminology" settings area, you can override default terminology, change some default calendar and form display settings, etc.

Customize your client-facing forms [Form Fields]

In the "Form Fields" settings area, you can customize fields to display or not on your enquiry and booking forms

Form Settings

To Access: Go to " Settings " > "Form Settings" Here you can add some helpful text to your Booking Form and Booking Finalisation Form. There are five elements you can modify here: 1. ‘Other info’ field label By default, the label for this field wi...

Add your Terms & Conditions, Privacy, and Consent Questions

To Access: Go to " Settings " > "T&C / Privacy" Here you can add links to your Terms & Conditions, as well as your Privacy Policy.  You can also add Yes/No Consent Questions to your Booking Forms. To add Terms and Conditions to your Booking Final...

Create a Booking Checklist

To Access: Go to " Settings " > "Booking Checklist" Do you have a list of repeatable tasks you need to complete for most clients that you want to make sure you never miss?  If so, the Booking Checklist feature is for you! When you create a Booking...

Send automated emails with PPM Autopilot

Step 1: Set up your default Autopilot Settings Go to Settings > Autopilot Settings Here you'll see, there are two types of Autopilot Automations: Action Automations  and  Date Automations Action Automations :  Automations that trigger when your ...

Create Email Templates with 'Standard Texts'

To Access go to " Settings " > "Standard Texts" Standard Texts are arguably one of the most powerful features PPM offers you.  This feature alone can save you hundreds of hours of work!! What is a “Standard Text”? In a nutshell, a Standard Text is...