NOTE: PPM's Staff Training Guides are currently designed specifically for 'Character Training Guides' - We plan to eventually make them more generic, however for now, you can still use for other things, by ignoring all the fields that aren't applicable.


Covered in this article:

  1. What are Staff Training Guides?
  2. How to activate Staff Training Guides for your account
  3. How to create Staff Training Guides

What are Staff Training Guides?

With the Staff Training Guides, you can give your Team access to detailed guides (via their Staff Portal account) that help them deliver the best possible service.  Here's a sample of Training Guide:


Above sample courtesy of Renee at Dream Time Princess Events

Activate Staff Training Guides for your Account

  • Go to "Settings" > "Staff Scheduling"
  • Scroll to "Staff Portal" section
  • Make sure "Enable 'Character Guides' page" is CHECKED ✅
  • SAVE your changes

Create Staff Training Guides

  • Create an Asset for the guide you'd like to create
  • Select 'Characters & Mascots' as the Asset Category
  • Fill in the details for your Training Guide in the various sections available in the sidebar menu
    • Character spotlight
    • Character prep
    • Character training
  • IMPORTANT: Entering the 'Movie' field specifically (under 'Character Spotlight'), is what currently triggers the character guide to be live.