To Access go to "Settings" > "Standard Texts"

Standard Texts are arguably one of the most powerful features PPM offers you.  This feature alone can save you hundreds of hours of work!!

What is a “Standard Text”?
In a nutshell, a Standard Text is simply an email (or document) template.

With Standard Texts you can set up as many templates as you need.  Then you can use these templates to communicate quickly with your clients and, if you have a team, your staff members too.  

After they are set up, Standard Texts can be used:

  1. To email one client
  2. To email many clients at once
  3. To email one staff member
  4. To email multiple staff members assigned to an Event

As an added bonus, Standard Texts can also be utilised in a very similar way, for automatically generating PDF documents, to be stored on file, or printed.

So, let’s get your Standard Texts set up!

To add a new Standard Text, click the orange “+ STANDARD TEXT” button at the top.


Once you’ve done that, a new popup will appear.  Here you will enter a Name for your Standard Text, what you’d like the Subject Line to be and you’ll add the content of your message.

At the bottom of this screen, you’ll see a list of “Event placeholders”, "Client placeholders", “Staff placeholders” , and "Link Generators" that are available for you to use.

These placeholders are variable fields you’d like to include to customise your messages to each client.  

So, for example, if you wanted to greet your client by first name at the beginning of your message, you would type:

Hello {{ client.firstName }}

Doing this would insert that clients actual first name when the message is sent.

Click here for a complete list of available placeholders and what each one does.

Click “SAVE & CLOSE” to save your new Standard Text.  

Once you’ve done that, your new Standard Text will appear on your list of Standard Texts where you can come back to edit or delete it at any time.